Tuesday, April 15, 2008

You Just Never Know

We spent nearly 4 hours at the Pacific Science Center with my friend from San Fran. We had a blast: Dinosaurs that move and growl, helicopters to fly, a tide pool with animals to touch, butterflies that you can watch as their tongues lick fruit and even emerge from cocoons. We tried to smash glass with a bowling ball, we saw how a toilet flushes, we looked at crazy mirrors, saw a giant talking fly. We drove all the way into the city and saw the colorful inhabitants of Capital hill and the space needle. After all this, what does butters tell his dad we did?

"Mommy got a coffee and I got a chocolate pudding." T asked me if we were at Starbucks all day.

PS. Sorry if my last post was a little odd. It's hard to have coherent thoughts these days. I'll stick to cute photos and short stories!


jad said...

Your last post was awesome! Don't let anybody tell you different.

merseydotes said...

Wow. The Pacific Science Center sounds awesome. If we ever make up to the PNW as a family, we're going!