Friday, April 11, 2008

Shoe Store Story

We did a lot this week and I'm tired (pronounced as in Loretta Lynn's famous rhyme-"....cuz we worked hard. At night we sleep, 'cuz we were tired.) I think I forgot how to have fun, sometimes I get so stressed out trying to get everything together. I should be having fun, I'm at the zoo with two great kids, friends and it's a nice day out and I'm not at work, but I guess I have to have some stress in my life or I create it. Still, our week was pretty full: I took Butters to the Y for a swim with just the two of us (Baby E was in the child watch). We met up with friends at the Zoo and Jump Planet, had school, ran a thousand errands and finally, bought some summer shoes.

Butters was an excellent shopper, he has excellent taste in women's shoes. Unfortunately, that's what he kept selecting for himself! I like to say that he has no gender issues (a quote from an old friend in San Francisco, who would also say, 'gayly forward' instead of 'straight ahead,' one of my other favs. Back to my story...) I show Butters his size and let him look at the shoes, which are a mix of boys and girls. "I like these!" He's holding black patent leather shoes with a rhinestone buckle. "Okaaaay, weeeeelll, those are for more dressing up and you need some summer shoes." "These are cool," he says. This time, he's holding ballet flats covered in multicolor glitter. I told him those wouldn't hold up well at the beach and pointed him towards the Lightning McQueen car sandals that light up.

The thing is, I'd be overjoyed and extremely proud if he did decide to be gay (hopefully by that time I can see him get married and still get some grandkids. Half my family just rolled over in their graves or rolled their eyes right then!) But, I don't want him to be teased. I didn't want to stiffle him, black patent mary janes are not the best for the summer! I never said, those are for girls or these are for boys, but I did feel like I encouraged the more masculine choice and afterall, he is, in fact, a boy. But if sparkly shoes would make him happier, maybe I should let him have a pair. In the end, we got the McQueens and he loves them. I got some black semi-dressy shoes and Baby E got a pair that will make Drandma D very proud (you can see them in the photo, don't make fun of my pants!) And I suppose I can say Butters has no gender issues, but other people in this world still do and I don't want him to be unhappy from their reactions, we do need to show our faces in Kentucky this summer!


Carrie said...

I know what you mean.. N loves handbags, particularly sparkly, sequined and glittery. Who am I to stifle that?? On the other hand... it's hard to not want to save them from the misery. Sigh. Where on earth were you that you all three got shoes?!

merseydotes said...

I think you were spot on to be practical. His feet would sweat like crazy in patent leather shoes all summer, and the glitter Mary Janes would be rough going in the mud or wetness. He'll start to test boundaries and form opinions about gender issues soon enough on his own.

Smith said...

Looking so cute!! I notice that sweet baby wears crocs.