Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Crafy Update

Time for an update on all things crafty! After finishing Friend's sweater, I felt lost, like after you finish a good book-I had nothing fun on the needles. I few project floating about, but nothing big. Not even a pair of socks. That problem has been remedied.
I sewed a bill holder from vintage fabrics of my grandmothers. I made button holes on the top, this was fun on scrap fabric until it didn't work on the real thing! I also learned a lesson called, 'Why you should put a hot iron on a plastic pin head.' But, I think my aunt should at least be impressed that I did press the fabric first!

A friend gave me some cotton yarn, she's given up on learning to knit (poor soul). So, I made an ugly shopping/beach bag for her! I looked at a number of patterns, but they involved seaming, ugh! Why would you sew lace??? So, this is a round cast on, yarn overs, button holes for the handles and an i-cord bind off, made up as I knit. I think I'll do another with a lace pattern.

Socks for JAD, since she loves my blog. They look like a mess, it's 2 socks on one long needle, knitted at the same time. Very fun. I'm liking this method, both socks will be the same size and done at the same time.

Casted on for Lotus, a tank top for ME. Hoping to finish this for the summer, if the warm weather ever comes back. I'm using Frog Tree, a cotton silk blend that got BELOW WHOLESALE. Sweet. This is more complicated, I'll work on it in the passenger seat on car rides and at night when no one is on my lap.

And finally, a craft by Butters. These are rock people. I saw a rock people craft kit for sale and figured out a much cheaper way to do it!

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