Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Friend!

I finished the sweater for Friend! There are a number of reasons why this is the perfect sweater for her and why you should take the time to hand knit!

1. It's made from ecologically friendly wool-Cascade Eco, in a dark chocolate brown. She's vegan, so this isn't a milk chocolate color.
2. I made waves of ocean blue color work in the top section to remind her of the ocean. The blue yarn is Manos, made by a women's co-operative in Uruguay.
3. It's long, just like we are.
4. It's a sweater. Friend lives in Maui and is trying to decide where to go next, I'm trying to convince her to move closer to me! She'll need the sweater here.
I made a vegan cookie cake and we celebrated her birthday with friends from Senegal. Butters got to eat on the floor in the traditional style, but it was a little too distracting to sit still. He played well with his new friends. We drank hibiscus juice and enjoyed peanut sauce and black eyed peas. They are pretending to eat the cake in this photo!

It's rainy this week, we are off to go for a swim at the Y.


Carrie said...

That sweater is just gorgeous!! did you make up the colorwork pattern? It looks familiar...

P. Mookie said...

What a talented knitter you are. Wow. Very nice. Absolutely beautiful.

Love the children's faces looking at the cookie stack. Yum.