Friday, April 4, 2008

Tulip Fest

There are amazing fields of color which are about to explode about 20 miles north of us, the Skagit County Tulip Festival.

Right now, though, the mud is waiting to deliver tulips, but it was worth to drive up with my friend and see the daffodils. I'll never forget that shade of yellow as long as I live! I'll also never forget how muddy Butter's pants were, he slipped and fell. (I had spare clothes, Friend was impressed at my Momness.) I'm breaking a unwritten rule-wearing 2 hand knitted items, but if Zimmerman can do it, so can I!
We also visited Cow Town, which has cornered the marketing business. It sounded so nice, A 104 year old barn where you can touch the animals-pet baby cows, bunnies, cats, etc. The kittens had eye infections and the place was stanky. They wrote in their brochure, "An enclosed water fowl aviary." Read: chicken wire and some ducks. Butters walked right up to the full grown cow, he's not afraid of anything, I hated asking him not to touch anything, so we just washed his hands really well after. We fed a potato to the cow, I was squealing and acting like a total city girl, but did you know a cows tongue is nearly 2 feet long! And practically prehensile! I got some funny video on that one.
We've had some sunny weather, which allowed Baby E to put her feet in the grass and the sun for the first time. With Butters I probably would have put sunscreen on him for the 5 minutes it took to get a non-moving foot pic, but with her, I'm a little more relaxed!
We'll go back north to see the tulips later this month, but this time we'll bring boots.


Anonymous said...

Megan -

I responded to your question about the giant cooking cake on my blog. I'm sure the cake will turn out beautifully and Sharon will love it.


merseydotes said...

Butters pants got REALLY muddy. Good job on remembering the spares.

Those pants on Baby E are *so* cute. Do they come in grown up sizes?