Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We Have Returned

We're back from our trip to Ky. I know I've got a lot of posts to catch up on. We had a great visit, the planeride went fine-even with the DVD player running out of juice after 20 minutes on the way home! I re-read the same Star Wars books. E spent a few moments on the floor, but I got a compliment from our seat neighbor that I handled the kids very well, so that's a plus.
I need a day to upload the photos and get back to this timezone. Here are two older photos, E at the height of her fever, falling asleep watching TV. We are getting furter testing done, it turns out she had a bladder infection and at this age you need to investigate.
And my life for the next several years-Star Wars. Butters is enthralled by it and I need to learn all about Luke Skywalker to stay in the know. DH saved all his old toys so we have a bin of hours and hours of play.

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merseydotes said...

Petunia plays with all her daddy's old Star Wars toys too. And when we went to Disney World, the highlight of her trip was getting picked for the Jedi Training Academy so she could battle Darth Vader. We have also watched a lot of Clone Wars (on Cartoon Network) over the last few months. Something about Star Wars must come hardwired in kids at birth. It never seems to get old!