Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More Rules

These used to be my rules for dressing My Girl:

1. Shoes should match or compliment the outfit.
2. Pink and purple and girly-girl is okay as long as it makes a good statement.
3. Fun and funky but still wearable-eg: reasonable beach shoes
4. She should look like a girl.
5. No pajamas outside the house.
These are my adapted rules as MG like to pick out what she wears and she squeals if you try to force any issues whatsoever!
1. Clothes should be for this or the adjacent season (ie. no snow shoes in summer but spring rain boots in summer are okay).
2. No visible boys underwear outside the house.
3. Only one piece of pajamas outside the house-pants or a top.
4. She can wears Butters old clothes or even current clothes as long as she can still climb and run.


Elizabeth said...

What is it with kids and rain boots year round? Zig recently tried to put his on for the heck of it - but his feet have grown too much!

Anonymous said...

i love this post! she is so funny! miss you guys. xo. love, friend