Friday, July 24, 2009

The Lost Photos

These are the photos that never fit in with any posts but I still like them.

Me reading one of the Twilight series books, pretending to cook dinner.

Butters in motion. This will make a good before photo, DH did some home improvements, I'll show you soon! We are trying to make one section of the house not have any toys in it.

Looks like she's writing out the pink lady pledge:
To Act Cool
To Look Cool
and To BEEEEE Cool.

'Til death do us part, think PINK. (who can name this movie?)

By the way, congratulations to all the minimum wage earners who got a raise yesterday. I've represented these workers and I know you've earned it. Also, a disproportionate number are women (two-thirds), so you felt the earth shift a bit yesterday it's because women advanced just slightly.


Liane said...

Hmmm...Grease? It's been a while--
Cute photos!

Kelly K said...

You must be kidding-- Grease 2, when Michelle Pfeiffer and Pinky are in front of the school in the opening credits.