Monday, July 6, 2009

Boo Hoo

The reason for the high fever, sleeplessness and irritability (not mine, hers): bladder infection.
Boohoo but at least we know how to make things better.
Picture from last week at the animal farm.
Now, Fair Public, I'm behind on a few posts that are swimming around in my head, but I figure I won't have time to put them all into words and pictures. So, what do you want to read and see?
1. More on P. Mookie's visit (I know this will get at least one vote)
2. Details on the circle sweater
3. Rejected and approved clothing options by E
4. Walks in the Woods
5. My favorite photos that never got posted
Leave a comment if you want to hear more about any of the above and I'll do the post.


Carrie said...

Well, duh, EVERYTHING! But the circle sweater first ;)

Liane said...

Whoa, how do you diagnose a bladder infection?? Is it serious? Will she be ok after some antibiotics?

I vote for everything too, starting with the sweater. Because I don't get how that is a sweater! I keep imagining that the two circles are the boobs and then you knit the rest around the boobs...but that's probably not right. ha ha ha

merseydotes said...

Children's clothing. Petunia's random and everchanging criteria never cease to amaze me. I love hearing others' perspective.

Also, P.Mookie's visit. Cause she's great. 8-)

P. Mookie said...

Well, the knitters certainly responded quickly about the circle sweater. I saw it in person and the photo doesn't do the colors or knitting justice. It's beautiful.

Thank you Mer (STILL miss your blog) for your vote about my visit. I had a wonderful time. I'm a tad rusty playing Star Wars, but my Play Doh skills are still excellent.

jad said...

I vote 3, 5, 4, 1, 2. Oh wait, that's everything. Guess, that's what you get when you leave it up to us.