Friday, April 17, 2009

More Trip Photos

I can't believe it's been a week since the trip already! I almost didn't survive this week. The baby is still on East coast time and insists on waking up at 6 am. I would appreciate at least another hour. Plus, I'm hormonal and bitchy-my clue was when I made buttered popcorn and wanted to sprinkle peanut M&Ms on it!

In the "Smile" photo of E at the top, the blanket was made by P.Mookie, my most faithful blog commenter! You can see the bruises on her forehead, she learned about concrete the hard way.

What did I knit on the trip? I started two new projects another gnome hat for the plane rides and a claptois in cotton for the hot weather down times. Hat is done, claptois, not even done increasing. I'm pretending everyone was wondering that and couldn't start their weekend without a knitting tease. Ha.


jad said...

There were 3 things I was wondering about and you covered all three. 1)Who made/where did you buy that beautiful blanket in the first pic? 2)Who hit Baby E and where could I find them so I could beat them? 3)What did you knit on your trip? Thanks for covering everything so I didn't have to ask!

P.Mookie said...

T-Man is looking very grown up. Thanks for the photo. E looks terrific under the quilt and of course, Butters, is as usual, all smiles.

P.Mookie said...

I'm wondering....does Butters miss the beach? Ice cream every day? Uncle Stud and Aunt Mer's pool?