Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Beach Day

Hit the beach as much as we could. Kids loved playing in the sand, digging holes, making piles and learning about waves. Towards the end of the trip, Butters was crabby about some things. If we went to the beach, he wanted to go to a park, if we walked the pier, he wanted ice cream. If we got ice cream, he wanted more. We didn't get any more ice cream. Finally, he told us, he missed his house. We told him we didn't, it was cold and rainy and we don't get to play at the beaches like this in WA. He said he missed his dog Levi, too.


Elizabeth said...

I bet Levi missed you, too!

We are listening to your mix tape all the time, Butters. The one you gave Zig ages ago. Good stuff!!

P.Mookie said...

more, more and even more.

Terrific photos. Got any of Butters and E playing with their cousin T-man or Aunt Namesake or Uncle Stud?

Keep 'em coming.