Monday, April 20, 2009


"Come back here, E. Don't go that way. We are walking the other way!"

Some of her traits I will appreciate more when she's an adult and causing problems for other people (like the government!)

A fuzzy pic but worth it. Fuzzy b/c Butters was pulling on the cameraman's arm.

Baby retrieval-we got tired of it. We were ready to return to our baby proofed house, but the trip was well worth it. I didn't realize how stressed and unhappy my DH was until I saw him having fun-unstressed and happy! He was even doing cannon balls in the pool. Now, he wants to buy a boat. I told him we need a driveway first!

It's not real! He liked seeing animals, but like pushing display buttons better.

We spent a day out of the direct sun at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. A wonderful little rehab sanctuary that was worth the price. DH went deep sea fishing on the last day. My sister took the kids to the park while I packed and cleaned, and then we all went to a park, it sure is easier with two moms. We miss Florida, but since I've got gobs of pictures we won't soon forget it. Plus, we've had several days rain free here and we've been living it up-finally getting in the yard to make improvements, went to the Zoo, sparked up the grill. It's Spring around here and it feels that way-we have a second chance and our rough winter and health problems are no longer. Time to blossom again!

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P. Mookie said...

E reminds of one of my nieces.....independent little cuss...who could that be?