Friday, April 17, 2009

The Everglades

We hiked in the everglades and saw some alligators (mostly in the parking lot).

Sister, Brother and Cousin loved looking at spiders, bald eagle nests and reptiles.

E was unsure of some gaps, she didn't like walking on some of the boardwalk and avoided the gaps....

But, had no troubles running along other spots. (This is one of the few Aunt Mere photos, she does not like her picture taken).

Here we are, covered in sunscreen on a cloudy day and dealing with hair issues, oh, that was just me!


Carrie said...

They have bald eagles in Florida? Seriously?

P. Mookie said...

Love the photo of the men and E - especially how Butters is resting his head on DH. Stud looks great holidng E. Aunt Mer takes after P.Mookie when it comes to photos! E watching the cracks is hysterical.