Monday, December 17, 2007

Santa Flies With the Jet Stream

Santa came to our house a little early this year! We enjoyed some old traditions and made new ones. We decided to do Santa with the kids, it's fun to have a little magic in your life, even if you are devastated when you find out the truth! We thought the threat might come in handy also-Santa is watching you need to be good!

We opened presents in the morning, the guitar was a big hit! DH (dear husband) made a yummy breakfast-waffles w/berries and cream and eggs. Then we made yummy treats and let Butters lick the spoons!

We also had the memorial for Great Grandpa this weekend. Butters did well, but I guess I tried to prepare him too much. He kept telling people very loudy, "WE NEED TO BE QUIET IN CHURCH. GRANDMA, WE NEED TO BE QUIET." The baby was hungry the whole time and pooped in the middle of it, right next to the person videotaping, and it was loud. Clyde was everyone's favorite and always smiling, the church had to use the overflow room. The pastor asked how many people were his students and there were a ton of hands. Makes me think about being a teacher.

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Shell said...

I loved the St. Nick story. And I'm glad to see the happy family is doing well.