Thursday, December 13, 2007

Saint Nick

Growing up, we had a tradition on Dec 5th to leave our shoes out for St. Nick to put presents in. He was a guy who would put money in the shoes of poor people or something? Sounds a lot like Santa Claus, I know. The story was a bit spotty, but what St. Nick means to me in a nutshell is a new ornament, fifty bucks* and a Russel Stover chocolate Santa! St. Nick still visits, via UPS, and this year we got to teach Butters and Slim about it! My mom always finds us the perfect ornaments.

I thought I'd be a cool mom and let him have the whole Santa and decide if he wanted to eat it all or save it for tomorrow. At first he shared it and then didn't show any signs of stopping, so I changed my mind, "let mama have it and we'll save it for tomorrow!"

"I can take bites, you can hold this wrapper."
He relented, but the damage was done, he spent the next two hours spinning in circles.
*Ha!! I tried to trick my sisters, St. Nick only brings twenty! I wanted them to think St. N likes me better!

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