Monday, December 10, 2007

Blog Time

Not much time to post these days, mainly because Butters is on the computer more than I am! He navigates, drags and clicks and inverts the screen image (half an hour for me to figure out how to fix that one). It's amazing to watch him-2 1/2 years old and he is on the road to eye strain and carpal tunnel. Or, maybe his generation will evolve away from computer related ergonomic injuries.

The Girl is 2 months Wednesday and smiling up a storm. She's got the cutest little Elvis smirk. That's one of the little things I don't want to forget. The way she squishes up her face when she stretches to look just like Butters as a baby. Her big eyes when you hold her upright, taking in the world. There are a million little details I need to commit to memory. Too bad I can't remember anything these days!

We were up late nursing last night and Snoop Dog's reality TV show came on after my trash TV (Girls Next Door-I know, I know, I'm an enigma-a feminist who watches BadForWomenTV). It was funny for the first 15 minutes. Snoop has a bumper sticker that says, "My Kids are the Schizznit." Anyway, I went to bed before the end and I don't know if yoga helped his stress levels or not, I can't imagine him being any more relaxed. He had a nickname for all his kids, "This is Cloe, we call her Choc." What's the point in naming your kids if you never call them by their name?

We lost a special person in T's family this weekend, his grandpa. I feel so bad for T, I don't really know what to say to comfort him. He was lucky to know his grandfather as an adult, all my grandparents passed away by the time I was able to drive. But it came as a surprise, we just saw Grandpa at Thanksgiving and he was teasing me like always and still very active. Grandpa was a wonderful person who volunteered, built strong houses for people, taught hundreds of students and had a BS in BS from BS. We'll miss you, Grandpa!

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jad said...


Tell Ty that I'm sorry to hear about his Grandpa. It's never easy to lose a grandparent much less around the holidays.