Monday, November 26, 2007


Nothing says Christmas like a skyline chili ornament (I made it!), the Oscar Meyer wiener song blasting from an ornament and potty training!

We put up a tree this weekend and I told a naked-from-the-waist-down Butters what all the ornaments were from as I put them on the tree, and he took them down. I told him about the Millennium Falcon, the peanuts gang, monkeys, guitars and Santa on a cable car-we have a very eclectic tree.

I love teaching my boy about the world and experiencing it all over again with him. But there are some thing I never thought I'd have to teach him. This was our breakfast conversation the other day, looking out the window:

B: I'm looking for a airplane. I don't see a airplane.
M: What else can you see?
B: I see a bird, birds can fly. Penguins can swim.
M: That's right!
B: Penguins live where it's so cold and I say, Brrrr!
M: You are so smart! (Pause) Okay...stop licking your milk off the table!

I knew I had to teach him the alphabet and manners and how to pee pee in the toilet, put there are phrases that come out of my mouth that I never dreamed I'd have to say!
On the drive down to the In-laws (which took 2 hours longer than usual), B was looking out the car window and he said, "I see garbage." We had to teach him about the lazy people in the world that litter. I thought of other bad things that happen in the world that I'll have to explain as well. Some day, I'll have to tell him about Republicans who refuse to give health care coverage to children!

We had a nice Thanksgiving, Butters loves playing with his cousin. We also got Elfed!

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merseydotes said...

You guys are so cute as elves! I don't know who I like best.

The other day Petunia asked me why Aquadots were bad for kids. We don't have Aquadots, but I gather that someone at school must have them. The little ears are always listening, the little brain is always working.