Tuesday, November 20, 2007

No Judgement

I'm never on time (anymore)! Something always happens when you are planning to walk out the door-someone is hungry, someone poops and then needs a new outfit and then I need to pee again, etc.

I was rushed trying to leave for knitting group yesterday, I get a little flustered when we are running late. But it's about having fun, I'm going to knit for chrissake! We get to the library and I discover I forgot to strap the baby INTO the car seat! My friend told me we are all allowed to give ourselves one mistake a day, but that's a pretty big one. It makes me think of the mom who has 5 kids and forgot about the baby in the car. When I only had one I thought, how horrible! How could you EVER forget your child. I'm not saying it's excusable or that I've done it, but I can kinda understand HOW you could forget... anyways, here are some pictures of the kids from today. Happy Thanksgiving.

He said he is putting a hat on her head! She liked the attention.

Here she is getting a kiss from brother, which looks cute and sweet and gentle until I tell you that he gave her the scratch on her forehead. We are working on that...

by the way, Butters is still in his PJs and it was like 1:00 in this photo!

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merseydotes said...

I scratched my baby sis the day she came home from the hospital. I think it just comes with the territory when they're two years apart.

Hang in there, Megs!