Saturday, November 17, 2007

Order of Importance

I shower in order of importance. When the husband isn't home, I put the baby in the bathroom with me in a bouncy seat (for her protection), the dog outside and Butters in front of the TV (at least I know where he'll be.) I never know how much time I have before someone starts to get upset (baby, dog or 2 year old) and this ensures that I am never ever alone. So, it's the hair first (naturally), then the important bits, if time-the rest of my body and face!

My day starts off with order chaos as well. Dog needs to go out, Butters wants some chocolate milk, baby needs to be fed, I need my coffee. What comes first? In this case, the dog because it's probably raining, then chocolate milk, then let the dog back in, then feed the crying baby. I feel so bad for little E because Butters never had to wait for things and he could nurse and sleep in peace, whereas she has someone headbanging her half the time.

Notice who was last? Not the baby, woman, ME! You didn't even think of me, did you? I'm so going to earn my mother's day present(s).

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Clizz said...

We all love you Meggzie!