Sunday, August 26, 2007

Perfect First Quilt

My aunt, P. Mookie, started me on a new addiction-quilting! I've been practicing and mostly finished one!
This was the perfect first quilting project as it doesn't involve any ironing (or "pressing," as PM told me!), very little pinning and for the most part, if you mess up, you can't really tell, or that's what I'm telling myself. This is a square rag quilt made from flannel, I'm clipping it, then I'll wash and dry it a few times to fray the ends of one side. I'm not a fan of pre-washing, pressing or pinning and my aunt had already done the cutting, so you'd think I couldn't go wrong! It looks okay, and it's given me some great ideas.

Of course, my man said, "I like how it's not all perfect squares, some are trapezoids, it's looks nice." This is a non compliment as it's actually supposed to be squares! It's almost as bad as this non compliment someone told me once, "Everybody hates your nose ring, but I kinda like it."

This quilt taught me:
1. How to do a straight seam (or not).
2. Chain stitching-I think that's what it's called, I sewed the small pieces in a big long chain.
3. I'm no good at holding pins in my mouth.
4. I'm not a perfectionist.

You can see my next adventure in the right corner of the above photo-pinks purples and oranges for my baby girl!


merseydotes said...

When my dad's mom died five years ago, she left behind a quilt for each of her six children and each of her ten grandchildren. Yes, that's sixteen quilts! Some of them were old, but many she made in the last five or six years of her life, wanting to be sure that there were enough.

I have my quilt on the spindle bed she gave me as a kid. It's in our guest room. I love it.

Your quilt looks great, and that's a great skill to add to your wheelhouse. Let me know when you start crocheting so you can re-teach me what my grandmother taught me so many years ago!

P. Mookie said...

As Butters says -- it's boo-tee-ful. I'm soooooooo proud of you. You'll treasure it forever or until it falls apart from use.

P. Mookie said...

It's beautiful....absolutely beautiful.

I'm sooooo proud of you.

Nice job.

P. Mookie said...

ha ha first comment didn't show up, so I tried again today and now I've told you twice how proud I am of you. And I am.