Sunday, August 19, 2007

End of the Summer

The forecast calls for the 60s and rain all next week, the summer is over! I took Butters everywhere this last week to take advantage of the last days of 80s and sun.

We went to the zoo with all our friends. We went to music class and forest park water park and Silverlake for a swim and beach time.

This weekend we went to Fresh Paint, an art festival in Everett, with T. We bought ourselves a painting, and that means no Cmas presents for either of us! But, we loved the colors and wanted to support a local artist. The painting is a view of the Snohomish valley, or at least the way she saw it! The artist is Ursula Stocke.

Rain means we'll be resorting to our indoor activities, which for Butters, is organizing things. This is what I found when I came back from the bathroom.
He clearly has a plan in mind of how these animals should be lined up. Height? No. Food Preference? No. Spots and Stripes? No, he's not that simple. This is obviously an evolutionary grouping demonstrating split off from a common ancestry according to era and epoch. Or, at least, that's what I see. Have you ever noticed all parents think their child is advanced?

Speaking of evolution, a guest on the Colbert Report had me totally fuming. Mike Huckabee is a Republican candidate for president who doesn't believe in evolution. This is what he had to say, a paraphrase from my memory:
"I don't believe in evolution, but I'm seeing devolution in the congress. Evolution is the belief that we came from apes and I see devolution as we are turning back into apes!"
First of all, don't go giving him the Nobel Prize because there is already theory of 'de-evolving" or evolution backwards, it's called Neotony and he clearly demonstrates it. Second, evolution does NOT say we came from apes, we shared a common ancestor with apes. If you are going to not believe something, at least learn what it is that you don't believe! If you have come to a conclusion about about a theory or a belief and you've studied it, thought about it or even prayed about it and you've made your decision, fine. But, don't decide something is wrong, when you know nothing about it. Hmm. That's probably why 90% of abortion opponents are men!

Okay, enough ranting, can you tell I'm pregnant, I just went from toy animals to evolution to republicans to abortion! My mind is all over the place.

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