Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sewing and Knitting Update

This is a button cowl neck warmer for my awesome friend in San Fran, she picked out this Firebird color in Malabrigio, it was a refreshing knit for the winter. Got it at Imagiknit, store pattern is My SoCalled Cowl.Next up, a loser. I'm still trying to perfect brioche stitch but this hat shows I've got more to learn. This is for a cancer survivor in Southern California, but the thickness is more suitable for Alaska. The yarn was a bit pricey, should I rip it out and make something else or live with the mistakes and send it to a non-knitter in Alaska (not Sara Palin, she's got plenty of money to spend on hats)? By the time I decide and make something else, his hair will be back and winter will be over!

Mark Lipinski fabric from P. Mookie, it seemed like it wanted to be log cabin squares. I made about 18 of them, and they are 10", not sure what they want to do next! Table cloth, summer quilt, all I know is, it's bright and happy.

Blue and silver Asian-type fabric. This is a thick table runner with colors going dark to light. Two layers of fabric, batting and heat resistant batting-so it's a giant table protector! I started quilting it and bad things happened. It's on time out. It was going to be a Cmas present, but i might keep it for myself!

This is what I've been doing the last month, for about an hour a day, The Princess Blanket! There is more than pictured but my helper came so I grabbed this photo and stopped laying it out. I've pieced 33 nine patch squares, 6" each. I figure I'll need 60, I'm halfway! Larger print fabric in blue and pink are cut to 6" squares and I'll put it all together and tie it. It will be too frustrating to put this large of a blanket into my machine! Whenever E and I go to the fabric store, she would pick out fabric and I'd buy 1/4 a yard. You can see she likes cupcakes, pink, hearts, polka dots, cherries and when she started picking out sports equipment and butterflies I decided we had enough themes to work with! Can you believe there are over 6 different pink cupcake fabrics!


P. Mookie said...

Cowl neck warmer colors are lovely as is your knitting. Send the hat to your Alaska non-knitting buddy. She/he will love it.
Blue green fabric is called Krakow by Mark Lipinski for Northcutt. Reminds me of a picnic tablecloth. Nice job.

Bring Asian creation with you and I'll teach you stitch in the ditch.

How about adding white sashing in between the rows/blocks of E's quilt? Will make the blocks POP.

E has a good eye picking out fabric. Must take after her great aunt P. Mookie....oh, that's me!

Carrie said...

Seriously lovin' the sewing. Yum. Such a great idea to just buy whatever they like.. duly noted! As if I needed encouragement :)