Saturday, February 20, 2010


This is my Olympic knitting. You cast on for a new project and finish by the end of the Olympics. It's supposed to be a challenge for you and get you to try something new. This is a color work project, a mitten. But, the Olympics are half over and I need two! Looks like I'm not getting the gold this year:) I've got a long plane ride ahead of me, so we'll see if I can make up for it. Maybe I'll be the Lindsy Vohn of knitting. I think the only challenge for me will be to not curse in public as the yarn keeps breaking (see all the ends hanging out, complete agony). We've had amazing weather here in the PNW. Sunny and 60s on Friday so we headed to Mukilteo beach. Here are some faces to get you through the week! Butters opted out of the photo shoot!

She'll either be in the Olympics or the Oscars!

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