Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stay Home

It's taken 4 years but I've finally admitted I'm a stay home mom. My answer would change based on who would ask me. First, "I stay home but I work from home for my old job." Then, "I work on the weekends at a knitting store." And for the last 2 years I'm an unpaid, never stay home mom who's kisses heal hurt knees, I specialize in wiping butts and remembering all the things you may possibly need for a day at the beach, I can locate lost toys, organize our finances and raise two loving incredible beings. If this wasn't an important job, I wouldn't be doing it.

I just stepped away from this to comfort The Princess who climbed over the arm of the chair and banged her leg. We had a 10 minute hug and I can still feel the warmth from her snugly PJ body. Before, I would think of the other things to do, there is always so much to do! Now, I'm content to sit and enjoy things. I'm also working on not being there. I know that sounds contradictory. But, we've turned a corner and the kids play on their own so much better now. I used to turn on the TV, give them a drink and take a 10 minute shower, walking backwards out of the room. This morning, they were arguing (hey, they are using their words), and I just hopped in the shower-no planning other than my clean pair of underwear. My hubby and I can now make dinner together, at the same time, while the kids play and we don't have to be hovering or playing with them. It's heaven!

I asked DH a while back if the kids should take classes at the museum or a science camp. He said, "You are their mom, they are in science camp." It was the best compliment he could have given me!

*Photos are blurry but I couldn't resist. We inflated a balloon with a bottle. Put vinegar or other acid in the bottle, then add pockets of baking soda made from toilet paper or other dissolving material and put the balloon on. CO2 gas is created which inflates the balloon and goofiness ensues.

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P. Mookie said...

YOU are an amazing mom. Glad you are finally giving yourself credit for all you do. And I'm glad you are enjoying the moment. Power of now is well....powerful.