Monday, January 18, 2010

Knitting and Knitting!

There has been knitting. This is the Shalom Cardigan in Manos. I'll try to Ravelry the details for the knitters out there.
Concentric circle vest that photographed like a giant blob and wears like an 80s vest. It's got cables done in short rows so they make circles around the arm hole.

Completed Zimmermann Bog Jacket, arms are 2 inches too long but very warm, I like the waist shaping.

Sunrise Circle sweater in LSS, a silk wool blend. Very soft, very warm!

And next up is the Tilled Duster!
I pictured a mosaic of all the knitting from this year, also imagined me pictured in the sweaters but I'm tired of waiting for the perfect photos, so here we are, my winter of knitted sweaters.


P. Mookie said...

WOW. Your knitting is beautiful - especially Sunrise Circle. Oh, Geatter, that sweater is gorgeous. Is the back the same? A giant circle? Bet you look fantastic in the sweater.

jad said...

Um, the bog jacket and circle sweater are particularly faboosh! U r a rock star knitter.