Thursday, January 28, 2010


We went to Mukilteo Y and the kids and I played in the gym for Tot Time. After, I dropped them off at child watch and did some serious cardio. Both kids did well at child watch, I picked them up and they were rosy faced from climbing and running around! We ate a packed lunch (always saving money), and then we all got ice cream and went to the beach.
(Yes, I washed his hands after touching the crab leg.)

There is much more balance this year! Balance of time together and apart, it's something both DH and I needed and the kids needed. Some people make a new years resolution to spend more time with their kids but mine is the opposite! We eat every meal together, we go to the bathroom together, we are always together or at least on the same floor of the house. But things are slowly changing- Butters will go upstairs and play by himself up in his room. And the two of them will play nicely together, acting things out, reading together or just sharing a space without injury!

Well-almost no injury!

DH and I are doing yoga at night to get in shape and get even more balance. It's a great start to the year! My other resolution is is need a belt again!


P. Mookie said... the hand washing comment. That would be my question.

Is that the beach we visited last year?

Balance...that's a good thing to strive for and achieve.

My resolution this year is to be kind to myself and kinder to others.

Elizabeth said...

Ziggy says "I wish there was a magic tree house for real so I could go to see Carter."

Ah the Mukilteo Y!