Monday, August 10, 2009

Travel and Anniversary

Summer is winding down. It's cooled off here, it's in the 60s. We ended our last trip of the summer- to Suncadia Resort with our in-laws. Butters learned to swim and E charmed everyone.

We commemorated an anniversary-1 year since the big surgery in Pittsburgh. I've been reliving and feeling all the emotions I pushed aside last year. Seems like that's my survival mode, be strong when you need to be and deal with it later. DH and I talked a lot about what we were feeling. He sees this as the date when things moved to making him better, I see it as a date when all the really bad shit started to happen. Painful surgery recovery, then the radiation. He's the optimist. If I stop and think too much about what could have happened, I still get choked up. Most people ask if he's okay? Is he doing okay. He's fine, but we aren't the same. People just aren't the same after dealing with something this big. But, he's okay and that's all that matters. I guess you could say we are stronger for it. Maybe we'll enjoy the little things more, but it's the little things that keep piling up and adding all the stress.

I had wanted this summer to be fun for the kids-carefree and fun. As you can see from the photos, I'm pretty sure we succeeded in that department!

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Anonymous said...

Megs- I don't believe you can possibly be the same after something like that happens in your life. If you are, then something is wrong. I think you just have to look at differently and say did it make you better for it?