Thursday, August 13, 2009

Politically Active and Morally Strong

Yesterday, we visited our lady Senator, Patty Murray, and Rep. Rick Larson to be a voice of reason and ask them to support health care reform. There has been a lot of incorrect information, myths and downright slander and lies over the 'death panels' that I felt I needed to have my voice heard to those representing me! And they do represent me, both my senators and rep are supporting reform. Murray actually wrote parts of the bill.
It's not right to scare people into thinking this bill will make the government decide weather you live or die. It's not right that after living through cancer, my family is considered uninsurable, although we live healthy lives. It's not right that we spend nearly 30% of our income on health care. It is time to change health care so that it is available to all who want it and that insurance companies aren't taking advantage of us (capping your coverage, increasing rates after illness, charging $60 for my birth control, etc). That's what Obama's plan is, he's not trying to use tax dollars to perform abortions or kill your granny.

I heard a suggestion on NPR the other day that I liked: since the cash for clunkers program is going well, we should pay people to live healthier-get exercise and eat better so our health system isn't so taxed!
PS: I also asked to include dental, as I gave the kids suckers to keep 'em quiet!
PPS: I'm keeping this photo for Butter's Conscientious Objector file. In case one of the Bush twins becomes president in 20 years and tries to invade an innocent country and then tries to draft my babies! Sorry, I had to end on a wing nut note! I was restrained in my writing above.


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