Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Little Lady

Well, my sweet girl was sick a few weeks ago and we had to undergo more testing to find out what caused her bladder infection. She was a trooper. She had to put up with some unpleasant testing and was stubborn 'til the end! She recovered quickly and doesn't hold a grudge. In the end, everything is fine, she is healthy and there are no underlying problems.

I pushed to have her tests done at Seattle Childrens instead of the smaller Everett Clinic. I don't regret this. We were greated by a 'Child Life Specialist,' whose only job was to make E happy and help us cope! She had a DVD player, bubbles, light up wands, anything.

Get the best care you can. Be sure of your parenting skills and trust your instincts. That's been true for the big things in our family, and when they turn out to be nothing.


jad said...

Megs, With you as navigator to her pilot she WILL be the first female lesbian president, just like you've always dreamed! You're an awesome Mom.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear everything turned out fine for her! And Children's hospital was the best decision, we had a similiar experience with our here. Good job Mom!