Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Rules

This girl is seriously opinionated about her clothes. She backs away or slaps at outfits deemed inappropriate. She screams 'no' and 'off' in a forlorn voice if you do manage to sneak something on her that she doesn't like. I have no idea how this happened but it seems the universe is righting itself. I may have demanded 'name brand,' clothes but at least I was in middle school, not less than two years old.

I also fought my mom over buying a black leather miniskirt. To this day, I thank my mom for not buying me a black leather miniskirt. I did find one for E at a used store, I got it, she can live the dream as Madonna circa 1980 for Halloween. If I can get it on her.

I never know what getting clothes on her will be like, but I've figured out these rules.

1. She doesn't like dresses

2. She doesn't like skirts

3. She likes dressing like her big bro

4. She likes little patterns-polka dots, flowers, etc.

5. She does NOT like peasant girl blouses


merseydotes said...

It will only get worse, Megs. Petunia's rules seem to change every year - usually AFTER I buy her seasonal wardrobe and she's worn everything once so the tags are cut off. For nearly two years, she wouldn't wear pants at all and would hardly wear shorts. This year, skirts seem to be the persona non grata in her closet. I think this fall for kindergarten, I am finally going to bite the bullet and actually - gulp - let her shop with me for her own clothes.

P. Mookie said...

I was in a fabric store this weekend and saw the cutest fabric with orange ducks on it, some pink patterns for little girls and thought...hmmm maybe I'll sew Baby E a dress.

Guess not.

Elizabeth said...

Ooh, I think E and I share the same taste in clothes. I like Butters' t-shirts and I hate skirts and dresses...