Monday, March 30, 2009

Tea Party Demise

I can be fairly certain that Emily Post never had to utter these words. Here's a recent tea party in pictures and my commentary:


"Don't pull her ear."

"Okay, thank you."

"Okay, you don't need to kiss her."

"That's enough."

Food break. The one moment of bliss. I had baked blueberry scones.

"Please stay in your chair."

"That's nice, but we are done."


P. Mookie said...

hahahahahhaha that's funny. My friend Janice used to tell her girls "No body contact!" Girls would turn it into a game making sure they didn't touch each other. Try it.

Anonymous said...

this is completely hysterical! our newest saying around here is "hands to yourself", sophia is suppose to know what that means but not working so much.
love ya,