Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Curse on Berkeley

Dear Berkeley,

I love dogs but I don't like you. At the dog park, I put my knitting down for a second to pick up poop (would you have brought it with you?) and you decided it would look better at the other side of the park. You grabbed it and ran while the skein it was attached to went bop bop bopping along behind you through the dirt and sand. Not just any dirt and sand-dog park dirt and sand. Your owner stopped you and yet you tried again and jumped up on me and grabbed my hand knitted-in-progress-sweater and I yelled. I'll admit it, a little too loud. "NOOOOOOO!"

Your owner shocked me. Not that I expected him to say, "Is that Merino?" Or, "Let me buy you some replacement yarn, I am so sorry." But when all he said was, "It does kinda look like a toy." I was silent and stunned. Not because I agreed but because I was giving him the Mom Face that I give my almost 4 year old: the Incredulous Face.

Exhibit A.

It still feels dirty when I touch it and I had dirt falling out of my knitting bag for days. DAYS!

I will remember, there are no bad dogs. Only bad owners. Berkeley's dad, my new Dog Park Nemesis.


P. Mookie said...

Thank God your knitting project wasn't for me.

jad said...

What an ass! The owner, of course. He absolutely should have offered to reimburse you.