Sunday, March 29, 2009


This is a very telling photo. During E's naps, I try to get Butters to be crafty and work on his fine motor skills (bare with me). It's our time to do something special together, so we try new things and I always lean towards crafts-painting and coloring and hoping he'll learn in the process.

It takes longer to clean it up than the time he spends doing the craft, and I usually end up, let's just say- slightly edgy. Here is paint mixed with corn starch on cardboard, he ended up pouring it out, he liked mixing it and making colors. After 5 minutes, he decided to turn a book into a car and pretend to fix it.

This is glue and paint on foil. It lasted longer, we painted with our friend. But it quickly became finger paint which puts me on edge, "don't touch anything but the paper!" I stayed cool, I let him have fun, we ended up painting, drum roll, a CAR.

I have to face the facts, he does not want to be painter.

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P. Mookie said...

That little chick is into Butters. Notice her body language?

Hmmm...not a painter. I'll have to bring some special stuff to do with him during my visit. Can't wait!