Monday, February 9, 2009

Making Stuff

I finished my crazy Zimmermann socks, she calls them 'retreads,' as you can replace the bottoms when they wear out. They are thick, warm slippers but too small for me. They look crazy when they aren't on, like Japanese slings or something.

You can see they are a bit small. My only adaptations were that I did two at once on one long needle, knit the leg and top of foot, then picked stitches in the green and finished the bottoms individually. I love the toe decreases.
Since these are a wee tight on me, it's time for a contest, if you wear a size women's 8 or smaller (or men's 7 or smaller) and you swear you will wear these and you'll wash them in cold water and never ever put them in the dryer, they are yours! Email me or post a comment why you want them and I'll pick a winner at random and mail them to you.
Here's the other thing I made, a 5 layer chocolate chip cookie cake for my friend's birthday. You could get away with half the recipe and make a 3 layer cake, but the look on the kids faces at this giant pile of sugar is worth it! Recipe found here.


Elizabeth said...

I like that color combo - very practical and striking! This is a weird pattern for sizing. I like mine, but it was a LOT of effort...

friend said...

I WANT THOSE SOCKS. because they are beautiful. and you made them. and they will fit me. and my feet are ALWAYS the temperature of ice cubes. and i am very careful with socks, will wash diligently following directions.


did i win?