Saturday, February 14, 2009


February really tests your winter preschool survival skills around here. Meaning, if you've got young kids who have been inside all winter and you've been to every bounce house, museum, indoor play area and fast food climbing spot and you are just about to climb the walls and find yourself yelling even after you've had your morning coffee, it's time to whip out the art supplies! I look forward to making some crafty messes outside....E got very serious and made some of the funniest faces and Butters always involved his favorite-cars. We put two colors of paint in bags and experimented with color combinations, we playdoughed and painted and we also ended some things early for not being a good listener. It's not all rosey!

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P. Mookie said...

Baby E's face shows great intensity while creating art.

Did Butters turn his ears off? A slight tweak of the ear with your finger turns them back on for listening purposes!

LOVE the photos.