Monday, January 19, 2009

Zoo Story

We had some unusual weather (again) 56 degrees and sunny in January. I had to get the kids out, so we went to the Zoo with our friend. Butters tells great stories, jokes and plays a mean game of 'I Spy' in the car. They were both asleep on the way home, which is why it took forever for my husband to get the boy asleep. Here are his favorite jokes and some sayings.

"My favorite flower is dandy lions."

"Why did the pig go in the kitchen, because he felt like bacon." (The delivery is too fast on that one, no pause)

"That tapir looks like a cow."

"Mom, my favorite part of the day was riding horses, just kidding!"

"What kind of pants does a thunderstorm wear? Thunderware." (He usually says Thunderpants).

This is his first game of 'pin the tail on something.' it was put the spider on the web at a bday party this weekend. His is the big long red balloon at the top (his fav color).

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P. Mookie said...

Butter's friend sure likes him. Cute photo.

Glad you enjoyed some nice weather AND a trip to the Zoo.