Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The baby has been exploring color lately....here's an older photo of playing with washable markers.

I was getting packages ready to be mailed today and I ran downstairs to grab the packing tape. I figure the kids would be fine, but I should have worried about the furniture! I was gone about 10 seconds, the time to sprint down the stairs, grab tape and run back up. I found this when I got back:

That's permanent marker! She even had a spot under her nose! She kept repeating, "Nooooooo," as I was scrubbing it off, most of it scrubbed away, but now I need to put a new layer of finish on the table.

There is an age where the 'bad' things kids do-like unrolling the toilet paper go from being cute to getting them in trouble. Writing on the furniture with permanent marker will never be cute and I admit I held a grudge for about thirty minutes, but that sweet little face made me forget all about it, until I look at my table and chairs!


Kelly K said...

Now she has a little mustache-- so cute!

P. Mookie said...

Someday when E is a famous modern artist, you'll be sorry you erased her earliest works. Could be worth millions someday.

Google Heloise and she'll have the cleaning answer.