Monday, January 12, 2009


We are fine, we were cut off from the rest of the state/country for a few days, but there were no riots over the last loaf of bread or the last rolls of toilet paper! Butters and I walked down to the river to carefully snap these photos, I answered all types of questions-why did the river flood? where are the cows? Why was there too much water? Can I have a sucker?

Don't worry, no one lives in that little yellow house. It's part of an organic dairy farm, but about 100 years ago a son killed his parents in that house, with an ax!


Carrie said...

Freaky! Can you get milk at that place?

Elizabeth said...

I'm starting to notice you know a lot about the history of your town/neighborhood. I like that!

Sara said...

What?! That's crazy!

P. Mookie said...

Eerie, but beautiful photos. You are quite the photographer.

The yellow house stands out as does the moon.