Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes, I Can

I finished the Bog Jacket for Baby Girl, but I came across a little problem at the neck line.

This is an amazing pattern or 'unpattern' as Elizabeth Zimmerman would say, it's based on clothes found on the bog people, mummified early humans found in Scotland. They had clothes made from one square piece of fabric that is folded and sewn together to make a jacket. Elizabeth figured out how to knit these jackets and how to make them even better. I used scrap yarn at the neck (the blue), which is then opened up and knitted up to make a collar. Unfortunately, I knitted across the waste yarn and would have been left with a big problem.

Instead, I picked up the row below (on the wood needles), had a glass of wine and snipped my yarn. I wove the purple ends back in and worked the live stitches for the collar (in the light purple below).

It worked! The jacket turned out cute; it was good practice, I plan to make one for myself next and know I know how. Unfortunately, I added way too much for the arms and they are long enough for a monkey. I'll try to get the recipient to model it soon.

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P. Mookie said...

I'm jealous of your knitting accomplishments. My scarf is four inches long and I discovered in the second inch that I hate knitting. But, I love to machine sew....wish it could be more portable.