Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Make Everyone Happy

Here's a way to make everyone happy. Updates on the kids and knitting finished projects, all married together.
I finished a pair of socks. This makes FIVE for this year, if you count toddler socks and a pair worked on size 8s! I've already started a new years knitting resolution list-steeks, more lace and modular knitting. You'll notice my stripes don't match as I couldn't figure out where the middle of this yarn was and I just started knitting. At cast on, I didn't care if it matched, I feel a little differently about that now.

Butters story: the valley by our river, where we usually see cows grazing, flooded. It's an organic dairy farm. We walked the river and I showed Butters the flooded valley and he said he thought maybe the cows could drink all the water. The city finished building a bridge at the end of our street that connects to the river trail. In the warm weather we'd walk it a few times a week. At least 2 sometimes 3 miles. If it's not raining, we walk once a week now. Today, he asked me why the sun goes down, where does it go, and could I go and get it and keep it from going down? I told him I didn't have the power to stop the rotation of the earth. He also commented that he can't see himself growing. Those are some powerful observations!
The Dog is 95 lbs, there I told you. I feel awful about it, last year he was about 25 lbs lighter, but I haven't been getting out with him as much, and he eats(ate) too many left overs. No more. I don't need another obese animal. Luna is a 25 lb cat, that's enough animal to go around. This crazy red thing is a cat bed I made from yarn I cut from fleece. I cut one long strand from about 2 yards for fabric and knitted it together using size 35s, which are super big. So big it hurts to knit so I only did a few rows at a time. This was forgotten for a many months and I just finished it off. I'm clearing house.
I'm on a self imposed craft diet, but that didn't stop my friend from sending me yarn in the mail! Happiness is found in a cardboard box! That's Manos, direct from Uruguay, it retails for $12 a skein here, but I'm thinking my friend paid less for it at the source.

The Bog Jacket is done for E, all I had to do was add the buttons. She'll be able to fit this for probably 2 years, the arm length will last for 4 years! I added wAAAAy too many stitches. She's been crabby lately, but all was revealed-4 molars coming in at the same time. After they are through, she'll have 10 teeth. She chatters up a storm: Uhh oooh when she drops something and be be for her baby doll. She kisses people and dolls and dogs and friends all the time. She even makes the sounds, we love it!

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P. Mookie said...

Oh....add some photos of Ms. E and Butters please. Would love to see Ms. E with her be be. And how about one of Butter's and those famous hands.