Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mommy Got in Trouble

Yes, Officer, there was a reason I was going that fast (76 in a 60). We are just returning from a hellish trip (it was no vacation) including over 18 hours of flying and driving, going to the in laws to pick up our dog and driving back through Seattle in stop and go traffic, hoping the baby will stay asleep because we know she'll be crying the last 5 miles and making my husband's seriously bad headache even worse.... but if we can just make up some time from all that traffic and the longest three weeks of our lives....if we can just get home a few minutes sooner.

"Just trying to get home after a long day." I got a speeding ticket about 8 miles from home.

We had one dead plant, two happy but pissed cats, 3 hairballs, one lost mariner hat size small (already replaced) and a boatload of mail. My amazing neighbor left dinner for us in our fridge so I didn't have to go to the store until today. I can't thank her enough.

I now have proof that Butters listened to everything I say. He told me yesterday, "When you get sick I want to go to Pittsburgh to help you feel better." The poor dear, I tried to tell him I wouldn't get sick but that's not completely true. We talked about everything, I told him daddy is much better.

Cost of speeding ticket: $93-He lowered it to 65
Sleeping in your own bed with your husband and kids, priceless!


merseydotes said...

Ugh. Megs, please be sure to hold some sort of an online fundraiser to help with the medical bills when the time comes, if insurance sticks it to you. You guys should not have to pay all this yourself.

Carrie said...

Good grief. Glad you're home!

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad the surgery was such a success and that you are all at home now. There is no better place to rest, recover and regroup. Love you! -B in San Diego

Annelies said...

Long car trips with children are HARD. And that's without undergoing major surgery. Glad you made it home safe.