Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Guy in the Cafe

Butters and I had lunch after music today with his 'girlfriend' and her mom. We have a few places we rotate between, they are all kid friendly-high chairs, kid food, toys, and most importantly-not quiet places.

Well, my darling B decided to start screaming in the middle of lunch. We've been working on the Inside Voice and I ask him to be quiet and we say, "That's better," together. For some reason today, he just thought it was funny to yell really loud and keep doing it. This went on for less than a minute and I was trying my best, when the guy at the table behind us, gets up and says, "Looks like I need to find a quieter table." He walks to the other side of the restaurant. My friend and I look at each other with a, "he obviously hasn't spent much time around kids look." Meanwhile, Butters stops yelling and stayed relatively quiet the rest of the meal.

Now, I can't stop thinking about that guy, I'm a dweller and it's a bad habit of mine, but now I'm starting to get really pissed. It's not like I gave the kid a cookie and told him he had a beautiful yelling voice. I was working on the problem. Take a look at me, buddy. I haven't showered today, I'm 6 months pregnant, my food is cold and now I have to worry that I've just ruined someone else's lunch? I'm sorry you HAD to find another seat, but all you accomplished in announcing this to me is that now I feel like shit. I look like shit and now I feel like shit. I'm sorry to everyone in the restaurant, we had a problem and I fixed it. That's how he'll learn that you aren't supposed to yell in public. And worse yet, after that GUY's reaction, I was totally mad at Butters. Now I feel bad for being mad at my son. Why do other people do this to me?

I think I'll go finish off the Ben & Jerry's in the freezer. That will make me feel better. It's Banana Split, a new flavor.

No. I'm still pissed.


Carrie said...

I know what you mean. I believe it's called "obsessing" ;)

Seriously though, I have some friends who don't have kids, and they say the most condescending, thoughtless things. Of course I used to say them too, but now I understand. Is it really too much to ask for a little compassion and consideration for the people who will one day be funding our social security? Just a thought...

P. Mookie said...

The man made a comment. It's up to you how you respond, but don't take it personally. It was a simple comment...he needed to find a quieter table.

He found a quieter table and Butters calmed down. Everyone was happy. Except you.

So why are you still dwelling? Let it go.

Look forward to spoiling you when you are visiting. You can take a loooonnngg shower and nap. I'll be happy to watch Butters.

Liane said...

What a jerk. Like you, I would still be fuming. Let it all out! It's ok to be mad, and it's ok to be mad at the child, it happens (ok it happens to me a lot).
PS What did rodrigo say?

Megan said...

Rodigo was spam! I got spamed in protugese. I translated it on Bablefish, it's person trying to get you to click on their links for custom Tshirts. I deleted it. Sorry if anyone clicked!

Jasmine said...

If he wanted a quieter table, then just move, why say anyhing? Whatev. He's the one with a lonely, empty, meaningless life, right?

Carrie said...

FWIW I don't think it was a simple comment. It was aimed and purposeful and not at all understanding. From my experience, comments like that have an underlying theme of basically cursing why people don't leave their brats at home. He said it out loud because he wanted you to know that he was pissed off about how loud your kid was. If he wanted to be understanding about it he would have either a) said nothing at all or b) made a joke whilst moving (I get that sometimes, people who clearly understand but really do need a quieter space). My two cents.