Thursday, June 28, 2007

Elephant Slippers

I started some bright bubble gum pink slippers on the way to Italy. I've made several pairs and have the pattern memorized so I figured they'd be perfect on the plane, train, etc. They worked up fast and I finished the second one in a week. The pattern is called Fuzzy Feet from, I used Cascade 220 double stranded. They knit up like a giant sock and then you felt them and they magically shrink to be a cute fuzzy booty slipper.

At least, that's what happened the first 4 times I made these. These pink ones looked really big for some reason. I was sure I had it right, they were just bigger than I remember (the hot wheel car is to give you perspective). Into the washing machine they go to get felted, but after, they still looked a little big. I check the pattern. I casted on 52 stitches (from memory, right!) And the pattern calls for 44! FORTY-FOUR! That's like 3 inches in circumference too big! For your FEET! I tried to shrink them more, but they were the right length, not the width. The cat is in the photo for perspective. So, what now? I can't unfelt them or unknit them and they are for a July Kentucky birthday! I might end up getting creative and making them a bag or something. Do you know any needy Hobbits that have cold feet?

In order to redeem my skills, I did finish and felt a bag correctly. This is a mobius Persian sling bag from Cat Bordhi's Second Treasury. I used Cascade 220, again. It's a swap for Butter's music teacher, she's giving us free classes in return.

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Carrie said...

Drooling over the bag!

As for the slippers... uh... since they're felted can you cut off the bottom and sew them back on? Or even pick up some of those suede slipper bottoms and sew those on so it looks more on purpose? They're really cute, or, er, they could be! :)