Sunday, March 25, 2007

Slightly Less Cheap

I almost got caught by the 'pronoun game,' as T calls it. I was about to write that, "We put up Roman Shades this weekend." But by We, I clearly mean my husband and I didn't have a thing to do with it. T has noticed this and calls it the pronoun game, when I take credit, as a We, for something He did! He points it out with love.

So, He hung Roman shades in the sun room, after only a year! And He took down the cheap ugly mini blinds in the kitchen and said, "Now our house looks slightly less cheap!" Hooray! Now if we could do something about the bathroom floor....

The Toddler seems like a different kid this weekend. He's become obstinant. He didn't take a nap yesterday and enjoyed doing whatever we said No to. He was a bear by the end of the night, and ended up falling off his chair and hitting his face on the train table and split his lip open. After about 2 minutes of crying and cleaning his mouth, he said, "Trains," and went back to playing. He must get that from T's side of the family, I don't bounce back that easily!

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Carrie said...

H calls this the "Royal We" ... but in his case he'll take credit for cleaning ;)