Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Are you thinking of getting a dog?

If you don't want your yard to look like the surface of the moon, you should reconsider!

We filled in many holes dug by the very guilty looking dog in this photo, and by We, I mean I helped also-I filled in 2 holes and T about 20.

This guy help, too!

I couldn't decide which photo was cuter! That's how he shows you his smile!


Gillian said...

if you bury a little dog poo in the holes when you fill them, it should deter L from digging there again (at least for a while...).

P. Mookie said...

Connect all the holes and install an inground pool!

Megan said...

We DID bury poo, that's why he made NEW holes!

T said...

I'm just waiting for the dog to dig a hole big enough for me to bury him in.