Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We Made That!

The kids and DH made this to send to Grandma.

I made this play tent for the table. Inspired by this one (click here), but not as nice since my table is 89" long! I hope to go back and add windows.
We made this for my mom's birthday. The center needlework is by my grandmother who had put this on a dress for my aunt. The fabric was my grandmothers, so I used it to make a boarder. The frame is made by DH from purple heartwood. That amazing purple hue is the natural color of the wood!

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P. Mookie said...

Very nice way to repurpose my mother's crewel work and fabric. Very nice, Geatter. Very thoughtful too. DH's addition of the frame makes the piece all the more special.

You never cease to surprise me with your creative.