Friday, January 21, 2011

School Yes and No

School is going great for this little lady, you can see where she wrote her name in the photo. And, she can make a perfect snowball, I'm kidding, DH made the snowman with a snowball maker. E loves going to school, and she catches on fast. She is actually jealous that her brother gets to go and she has to drop him off and pick him up but doesn't get to stay.

Butters is her opposite. He has relented to attending school, but his class is so big, I worry I am doing a disservice to him. There are now over 30 kids in the class and only one teacher. His handwriting is full of bad habits. It's so hard to know when to jump in and demand more. So, I went ahead a wrote a letter for the principal and had the parents sign it. I'm asking for an update on what is being done to improve the learning environment. I don't even know how his teacher can walk down the hall with that many kids!

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Elizabeth said...

Good for you! 30 kids is way over the limit - I wonder if it's even legal??