Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Last Big Trip-Lake Crescent

This was our last big trip of the summer. A special two day trip with just mom. It was a big test for me, but I realized after I came back that I could have been behind a desk at a job so being solely responsible for 2 kids for 36 straight hours isn't that bad!

We met up with Nancy and Jill at a rustic cabin right on beautiful Lake Crescent at the north border of the Olympic National Park. It was absolutely beautiful. I kept exclaiming about the mountains and the trees. I heard this from the back seat, "Yes, Mom, we know, it's beautiful." I suppose since I didn't grow up here and I'm not used to seeing mountains every day, it's more amazing for me. Plus, they are kids, what do you expect. Maybe next time we are in Kentucky they'll be impressed by rolling green hills and horses!
The kids did great and I think at least they'll remember having the s'mores!


Anonymous said...

Awesome pics!

P. Mookie said...

You're quite the photographer. Beautiful photos.

You can do anything - you're that kind of person and that kind of mom.