Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Granite Falls-Ice Caves

Oh the places we go! This is the 1 mile hike up to the Ice Caves in Granite Falls. We saw them as a slump of snow in May, this time, the caves had formed, but you should not go in them, they are unstable and dangerous. The cool breeze was worth the walk on a very hot day. This kids were tired but they managed! Butters complained but he also offered to carry the Princess' baby doll all they way up. I got stuck carrying the baby on the way down, but it weighed less than the Princess so we made a deal. I'll carry you or the doll but not both! The doll won.


P. Mookie said...

You did more this summer than I did ALL the summers of my youth. What a cool mom and dad you guys are to take your children so many places to experience so many things.

Please adopt me.

P. Mookie said...

Butters seems to enjoy his baby and Princess is beaming....just beaming holding her little one.

I notice the 'bed hair' is back on Butters. Love it.