Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Spring Easter Day

Sunshine on Sunday, I got E to wear a dress and since Butters doesn't even notice what he wears, he's dressed for golf! DH made an amazing brunch and we had friends and family over.
Over indulgence at the neighborhood egg hunt.

Like most spring events in PNW, this one was rainy and cold!

I wouldn't trust him either, E. But he was a funny guy. I told him he had the best nuggets in town! Butters was amazed and stared at him.

Coloring eggs!


P. Mookie said...

Coloring eggs or coloring hands? Love the hand shot.

E is going to be really ticked when she is grown up and sees all these pictures of her picket fence smile. She's a hoot.

How could you NOT find an egg in the grass - there were a zillion. What fun.

P. Mookie said...

Is Butters turning into a lefty?

I notice him using his left hand in two of these photos. Might just be when you snapped the photo too.

Carrie said...

Did you make the easter baskets? Cute! :)